What H. L. Burke book should I read next?

H. L. Burke has a lot of books. So many it can be hard to know what to read next. This quiz will help you narrow down what you're in the mood for to get you reading in no time!
What settings do you want to read about?
How do you like your romantic pairings?
How do you feel about animal sidekicks?
How do you like like your magic systems?
What movie are you in the mood for today?
You like your main characters …
You like your supporting cast
Dragon and the Scholar
You're in the mood for a classic fairy tale adventure with a snarky twist ... and of course, DRAGONS!
The Green Princess
You're in the mood for a feelsy fantasy romance with magical battles, politics, and adventure.
To Court a Queen
You're feel snarky but in the mood for a little magic. How about a fairy tale romcom with a snarky Han Solo-esque knight and a determined but kind hearted Cat-Elf?
Take a quirky fairy tale break with this Steampunk flavored Cinderella retelling featuring creepy kids and fire krakken.
Spice Bringer
Break out the tissues for this epic journey into a tale of romance, survival, and hope.
A sweet, heartwarming fairy tale retelling featuring a pair of cursed lovers just trying to find their way in a harsh world
Spellsmith & Carver
Looking for a snarky, fast-paced buddy comedy with clockwork foxes, complex magic, and lots of adventure. You've got it!
Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors
If you're looking for adventure, snark, and Steampunk fun, this award winning YA series will set you up!
Beggar Magic
A whimsical, magical tale of friendship and determination set in a unique Steampunk society
Heart of the Curiosity
A magical theater, a snail circus, a snarky but traumatized heroine who needs to solve a mystery to save the only home she's ever known.
Cora and the Nurse Dragon
A girl and her dragon learn the meaning of friendship and sacrifice over the course of a magical summer in a 1920s fantasy world complete with dragon racing, dragon egg emporiums, and dragon dealing gangster.
Are you missing your Marvel movies? Don't worry, Reformed is here to save the day! Snarky heroes, BAMPOW Adventures, and a hint of romance.
Daughter of Sun, Bride of Ice
An epic romantic fantasy set in a world that is forever half in day and half in night. Magic, mystery, and more!
Match Cats
In the mood for a sweet set of romantic comedy shorts? Do you like cats? Do I have a book for you!