Which Scottish Interior are You?

Would you feel most at home in a cosy crofters' house, or a home that could be from the fantasy worlds of Middle Earth or Westeros? Time to find out in our Great Scottish Interiors quiz!

Once you've got your results, you'll be able to virtually explore your "new pad" in our Great Scottish Interiors exhibition.

We (Historic Environment Scotland) don't collect any personal data in this quiz.
A marble staircase and large marble hallway, with two armchairs in front of a fireplace
You’re celebrating with friends – what’s your drink order?
You’ve done all your research and decided to buy your family a dog. Which breed has caught your eye?
It’s time to head out and about for the day! Which coat will you wear?
You are joining your friends for a fancy afternoon tea. Which tasty nibble do you reach for first?
Which mythical creature do you identify with most?
You’re wandering round your dream garden – what’s your favourite spot?
Time to relax – what’s your favourite leisure activity?
Alexandre Chassignon via Flickr.
Just like the interior of the croft at Arnol, you’re practical, traditional and down to earth. You’re pretty self-sufficient, but also love to spend time with your close friends and family. You have a strong community spirit.
Just like the interior at Ardkinglas House, you know that true style never goes out of fashion! You know yourself well and your tastes don’t change from one season to the next. No fast fashion and passing trends for you!
High Sunderland
Just like the interior at High Sunderland, you’re cool, and you know it! There’s nothing off-the-peg or high-street in your life, and that’s the way you like it. You love a sleek line, and you’ve got a sleek wit to match it!
Just like the interior at Gosford House, you couldn’t be more fabulous if you tried! You were made to live the high life and party till dawn. And the more people who admire you in the process, the better!
Hill House
Just like the interior at the Hill House, you march to the beat of your own drum! Like a true bohemian, you love all things arts and artisan, and have no time for the mainstream. You do you!
The Steading
Just like the interior at The Steading, you’ve got your priorities in order! You’re not interested in being showy but you care about where things come from and how they’re made. You love the humble and the homespun and you know that the truest beauty is in the natural world.