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Learn more about GDPR and test your knowledge with our quiz!
Your unit helper doesn't have access to GO, but needs to log on in order to update her information. Do you:
You've taken your unit on a trip to the local cinema, and realise you're now left with all the information and consent forms. Do you:
The partner of a girl's mum has asked you for her mobile number as they've lost it. Do you:
You've printed off a contact list for all the girls in your unit, and then lose it on a bus. Do you:
A new parent writes down their address on a piece of paper. Do you:
You send regular emails to parents about forthcoming events. Do you:
The local Scout group phoned to invite your girls to their event. They've asked for the ages of all the girls in your unit. Do you:
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Oh dear, you got less than 4 questions right. 
But don't worry, there's plenty of time to brush up on your GDPR knowledge before it comes into play in May. Head back to our data protection page, it's a great place to start learning more.
You got {number correct}/{number of questions} correct answers
Well done, you've done your research and are getting ready for the arrival of GDPR.

Stay up-to-date with the changes in data protection legislation and find great resources to help you on our data protection pages.