[BETA] Do You Allow Love or Fear to Lead Your Life?

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In a way, Life can be boiled down to these two polarities, or energies -
Love is Expansive, Alive, Open, Life-Affirming...
Whereas Fear is Contractive, Tightening, even Suffocating & Energy-Depleting.

Find out if you lead with Love or Fear more often in your life with this Quiz!
And, whatever your results may be, find out how to embrace more Love & Aliveness.

Live your Life Alive!

*Quiz results are in no way intended to diagnose disease, illness or have any weight medically or psychologically.

**Results may vary depending on your current emotional state. It's highly recommended to keep a broader perspective of your life whilst taking the quiz - perhaps thinking of the last few months in general, for example.

I am generally open to my emotions & feelings, even if they are sometimes confusing, painful or scary.
I generally express myself freely, honestly & non-aggressively.
I operate in the world in a curious & open manner.
I prefer to stay within my comfort zone - with people I know & activities I'm familiar with, rather than seeking out new people & experiences.
When there is something new I really want to do, but I feel scared to try it, I do it anyway.
I believe that no matter what I do, even if it feels scary, I will always be OK.
I'm often concerned with being judge, ridiculed or shamed for my beliefs, things I've done or things I enjoy doing.
When something is upsetting to me, I have a hard time speaking up about it.
I'm very wary of letting people get too close to me.
I trust Logic over my Instincts.
You Lead with Love!
You are a heart-centered human.
You May Be Allowing Fear to Lead More than You Desire
No Fear - this is something that can be remedied!
You May Vacillate Between Love & Fear at Different Times
Outcome text