What kind of Kremlinologist are you?

Kremlinology - it's both a science and a sport. Most importantly, it's a way of life! The question is, just what kind of life? Kremlinology, after all, is not a monolith. Take our quiz to find out just what kind of Kremlinologist you are!

What's your ideal morning like?
What's your opinion of Donald J. Trump?
What's Russia really like?
If you could ask Putin a question, what would it be?
The Putin whisperer
You get Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Like, really get him, man. You two have never done the whole shirtless fishing thing together, but you might as well have. He sends you signals - with his body language, the color of his ties, the way he arranges his ministers during Kremlin photo ops, with his endless, totally tasteful jokes about gay dudes in the shower and references to "Western partners" and encounters with animals wild and domestic. All of this stuff is serious business and if a think tank hasn't hired you yet, we have to wonder what the hell those think tank people are thinking.
The Twitter conspiracy theorist
Don't look now, but the Russians have hacked your Alexa and are recording the noises you make when you're attacking your enchiladas, all the better to blackmail you with later. YOU WARNED EVERYONE THAT "THE AMERICANS" WAS AN EXERCISE IN KGB MIRRORING TO LULL US ALL INTO A STATE OF COMPLACENCY, BUT THEY WOULDN'T LISTEN. Putin has gone to extraordinary lengths to pay people to make fun of your "game theory" Twitter threads. You hope that the pinko lefty trolls recording all those podcasts with the subliminal messaging promoting Russian propaganda and the eating of kholodets will be exposed for what they are eventually.
The old Russia hand
You like spy novels and beautiful people. You can talk about "the Russian soul" with a straight face. You like to tell stories about that one cigarette you shared with Sergei Lavrov. Your darkest secret is that you don't actually like the taste of vodka.
The Russian state media's favorite "analyst"
You're not "pro-Kremlin," you're "pro-truth," dammit! You know all about the secret Russian weapon that strikes fear into the hearts of NATO soldiers everywhere - you're just not going to reveal what it is yet. You wish the public would wake up to the fact that, like, 89% of internet bots everywhere want Russia sanctions lifted. You don't *actually* work for Sputnik or RT, you just like the fact that they let you present your alternative facts - I mean, if the lazy Western MSM is actively ignoring the fact that the fluoride in the water is turning both the frogs AND small motor boats gay, you have to take your message somewhere, right? Att least Putin is putting his foot down and taking a stand against horrifying frog-on-boat action, in the name of Christian morals everywhere!