Are you in a co-dependent relationship?

“Codependency” is defined as an unhealthy relationship where partners are overly reliant on one another. As a result, a dysfunctional pattern of living and problem-solving develops between the two.

Complete the short quiz below and see whether you might be in a co-dependent relationship or not.

Simply answer what feels most right to you. 

Are you afraid to express genuine feelings to your partner?
If you do express feelings honestly, do you then feel guilty?
Is much of your day taken up with trying to do everything for your partner?
Are you wary of asking for help from your partner?
When you want to ask for help, are you worried how your partner might react?
Do you find yourself feeling hurt or angry because your partner doesn’t notice your needs?
Do you believe you can’t have a friendship independent of your relationship?
Do you have hobbies and activities to enjoy separate from your partner?
Do you try to control things to make yourself feel better?
Would you describe your partner as needy, emotionally distant, or unreliable?
Do you have a perfectionistic streak and try to get things exactly right?
Do you trust your partner?
How is your health as it relates to stress? Any asthma, allergies, out-of-control-eating/drinking, chest pain, or skin disorders?
"Yes, you might be in a co-dependent relationship ..."
“Codependency” is defined as an unhealthy relationship where partners are overly reliant on one another. 

Your results indicate that you might be heading in a co-dependent relationship.

Relying on each other and wanting to spend a lot of time together is fine, but it's important to remain a person in your own right.

Losing yourself in a relationship is never a good idea. 

Read through the thoughts in the blog post and see where you might need to start making some changes.
"I think you're OK. Looks like your relationship has fairly healthy boundaries."
You seem to be doing fine. 

Not much I can tell you other than that.

Read the rest of the blog post and take note of the suggestions made to prevent your relationship from becoming co-dependent.
"Be careful! You might be laying the foundation for co-dependency."
Your results indicate that although you're not co-dependent all the time, you might have to be cautious.

It is fine relying on each other but becoming co-dependent isn't healthy for you or your relationship.

Now is the time to make sure your relationship stays healthy.

Waiting till it is time to make a change could be too late. 

Read the rest of the blog post and do what you need to do to keep moving your relationship forward.