6 months after Dorian: Business Re-Assessment

Please give us your feedback! We are working to reassess the needs of our business community, 6 months after Dorian, as we continue to work with stakeholders to help identify and allocate resources to help Grand Bahama businesses and organizations recover. Our post-storm survey, conducted in September and October, yielded very important data that formed the basis of our discussions on behalf of the Grand Bahama business community. Since then, we have seen good progress but there is much left to do. Your feedback will give us important data to continue to advocate for Grand Bahama businesses as we rebuild and learn vital lessons as we move forward. As usual, your privacy is important and individual data will not be shared. Thank you! #grandbahamastrong #recoverandrebuildtogether

Business/organization name:
How would you describe your business or organization?
Were you in operation before Hurricane Dorian?
Are you currently open/ back in operation?
If no, do you plan to reopen?
# of employees before Hurricane Dorian:
# of employees post-Hurricane Dorian:
How did your business/organization fare during Hurricane Dorian?
In terms of insurance coverage related to Hurricane Dorian, which best describes your situation?
For insurance claims related to Hurricane Dorian:
Please select which best describes your business or organization:
Has your business/organization received any assistance (grants etc)? If yes, please briefly describe:
Have the duty/VAT concessions provided benefitted your business/organization?
What is (are) the greatest challenge(s) for your business/organization?
What is the greatest barrier to your business/organization hiring more people?
Do you have an estimate for the cost of Hurricane Dorian to your business?
Is your business/organization prepared for the upcoming hurricane season?
Is your business/organization prepared for the potential impact of coronavirus?
Optional question: Understanding our demographics/vulnerabilities allows us to more effectively advocate for all businesses. Assistance programmes range in focus and this information helps them identify ways to help. Details are confidential.
Please share your email contact for updates and information.
Thank you!
Thank you for providing us with this information. Please email us at info@gbchamber.org or call 802-6118 if there are specific business needs you have and we will do our very best to connect you to the right resources. Together, we will recover & rebuild. #grandbahamastrong