Taste LIFE

Hello, my name is Emma and I help outstanding women who are leaders in their field to find their way to a healthier work-life balance.  

I’ve met too many intelligent women, excelling in their job, but due to increased working hours and often a long commute, they may neglect themselves, with a poor diet, no time to cook, exercise or care for their emotional needs.

I know that a good diet and regular exercise, combined with great emotional well-being form the foundations for a life that is full of energy and clarity. This is the focus at LIFE acrobat. Together we enable you to go from tired, stressed and unfit, to energised, toned, and clear of thought, leading to improved health levels (inside and out), and an increase in confidence. All of which may ultimately deliver business success, career progression or a even total career change!

Below is a short test to find out if you are ready to Taste LIFE.

Do you struggle with going to sleep or waking up in the middle night, unable to get back to sleep straight away?
Do you find that you replay the days/weeks events as soon as you go to bed?
Do you find you are still on your laptop, tablet or phone when you get into bed? Or do you wake up in the night and check emails/social media?
Do you feel a sense of anxiety or dread when you wake up in the morning?
Do you struggle to complete your daily to-do list?
Do you find yourself becoming short-tempered with co-workers, friends, or family?
Do you find yourself shying away from social commitments?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed with day-to-day events and feel you have little control over certain elements?
Does it sometimes feel difficult to make decisions whether simple or hard?
Do you wish you had more time available just for you?
Do you believe in yourself and your own abilities?
How often do you exercise per week? (Be truthful!)
Do you feel intimated exercising around other people?
Do you regularly feel tired, lethargic, or bloated?
Do you struggle to motivate yourself away from work?
Do you revel in learning new things?
Are you happy with your body image and weight?
Are you concerned about any health issues now or in the future?
Are you unhappy with the way you feel?
Do you feel you are achieving your full potential?
Do you find that you often skip breakfast? or maybe pick up a coffee & muffin on your way to work?
Do you suffer from a mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump?
Do you ‘grab & go’ from the local coffee shop/ supermarket at lunch instead of bringing something prepared from home?
Do you eat your lunch at your desk or on the go?
Do you reflect back over your food choices for the day and feel guilty about what you have consumed?
You scored 24 - 40 points You may be struggling to manage the various demands in your life

I urge you to to take advantage of the free ‘LIFE Audit’ with us. A combination of insufficient physical activity, poor sleep or increased stress, and less than satisfactory food choices is detrimental to your health both now and in the long term. It will also have a significant impact on your performance at work and home. Together we can devise a suitable programme to help you gain the edge health-wise, so you are performing to your maximum capability. Please get in touch so we can schedule a call

You scored 9 - 23 points. You are just about managing to juggle the different elements of your life

However there is plenty of opportunity to make improvements: Future proofing your life now so that you can continue to perform to your maximum ability. Your bespoke programme will help to improve your sleep, reduce stress, and provide you with greater energy levels. Get in touch now

You scored 1 - 8 points. You may already be a LIFE Acrobat!

Congratulations you are already well on your way to living LIFE.  If you are still curious though and would like to understand how to make minor tweaks to your currently lifestyle, then please get in touch to arrange a call.

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