Character Personality Quiz

Find which character in the Sakuraverse and other worlds is closest to your own personality! Answer each question the best you can, and don't overthink things.
When do you fall asleep?
If you see someone breaking a trivial rule, what do you do?
Which one of the following classes would be most exciting for you?
You're going to take the term finals for a difficult class tomorrow morning in ten hours. What do you do to prepare?
What's your favourite season?
You were gifted a airline voucher to anywhere in the world. Where would you travel?
What's your best personality trait?
Omiya Sakura
Your quiz result is Omiya Sakura! Cheerful, thoughtful, and compassionate, your friends appreciate both your intellect and your empathy. You also know how to appreciate some of the finer things in life from time to time, taking it slow and not worrying too much. Even if other people sometimes tell you to "grow up", at your heart you're still really childish.

Universe: Sakuraverse
Omiya Sayuri
Omiya Sayuri's personality is closest to yours. Quiet, calculating, and seemingly cold, those who don't know you might stay far away from you mistakenly. But even so, you're remarkably kind to family and friends, and would protect them at all costs, even if you have to self sacrifice. You value loyalty and family bonds, and will repay a debt ten times.

Universe: Sakuraverse
Park Hyeja
Your character traits are closest to everyone's favourite empress, the one and only Hyeja Park! Confident, energetic, and happy, you can cheer up any room you're in just by being there. It'd be wrong to underestimate you though: you're still clever and wise beyond what looks suggest.

Universe: Sengokuverse
Minami Chevailier
Willing to take your own path, always wanting to follow your heart's desires. If that sounds like you, then you're not alone: Minami's personality mirrors yours! Above all, you're guided by your core principles and beliefs, and you're willing to defend them no matter what.

Universe: Sengokuverse
Charlotte Kato
You and Charlotte Kato both share several traits in common: hardworking, dedicated, and persistent. You're the kind of person who will work passionately on your personal projects, help tutor your friend, cook your own dinner, and still find the time to finish your own responsibilities- at the cost of sleep, of course.

Universe: Sengokuverse
Sophia Kensington
You know what's right and wrong in a situation the moment you see it, and carry a strong sense of justice with you. Yet you're also someone who laughs at what you see as rules without purpose, and break them with ease for the sake of having fun or cheering up your friends. And, you don't see that as a contradiction at all.

Sophia Kensington knows that feeling all too well.

Universe: Sakuraverse
Vivian Badeaux
Your tenacity, confidence, and adherence to the rules rivals that of Vivian Badeaux herself! You have a strong sense of duty to follow regulations, and also find yourself being responsible for customs and traditions. However, you're not close minded at all: you're more than capable of taking in new information and changing your beliefs.