Fraze Pavilion 2021 Season Survey

Thank you for supporting Fraze Pavilion this season. Here is a survey regarding your experiences during summer 2021 at Fraze Pavilion. Please take about 5 minutes to complete and submit. Your time and feedback are greatly appreciated.
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How often do you attend concerts/festivals at Fraze Pavilion?
What events do you attend at Fraze Pavilion? (Choose all that apply)
How would you rate your overall satisfaction with Fraze Pavilion's service? (5 being the best)
How would you rate the variety and value of your concert experience at Fraze Pavilion? (5 being the best)
Where else besides Fraze Pavilion do you attend live music performances in the area? (Choose all that apply)
Which one regional venue is your preference?
Prior to an event how much information did you receive that you needed?
How safe did you feel at the events you attended?
Why did you choose to attend a concert specifically at Fraze Pavilion?
Which artists or groups would you like to see perform at Fraze Pavilion in the future?
Add any additional comments.
Thank you for your time to complete this survey.
If you have additional comments please email them to