Which Angelic Type Are You?

Which type of angel you would be in Hannah Mae’s upcoming book, Celestial!
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
What’s your favorite way to honor God?
What’s your idea of fun?
It seems your friend has betrayed you. Do you....
Your talents lie in...
Others consider you as....
Among these Biblical figures, who’s your favorite?
If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Pick a Quote:
When someone confronts you, how do you respond?

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Warrior Angel
You weren’t made for the backlines. God fashioned you for the frontlines. Perseverant, headstrong, and unapologetically loyal; you’ve been gifted with strength for the fight and presence of mind to know when to withhold the sword.

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Messenger Angel
You delight to involve yourself with others, and you don’t care what lengths it takes to deliver God’s good news. Gifted with a flexible spirit, you’re able to roll with life’s punches with ease and bounce back with a true evangelist’s attitude.

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Ministry Angel
Acutely aware and sensitive to others, you have the rare gift of the listening ear. Empathy is your God-given power. More concerned are you with the battles within than the rumbling war around you.

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Angel of Death (Destroyer)
It’s difficult for you to ignore injustice. You thirst for God’s righteousness above all else, yet you’re quietly patient and accepting of negative circumstances. For you know vengeance is the Lord’s. He will justly repay...soon.

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Nature Angel
The bustle of society gets to you at times. Sometimes you just need some solitude—preferably outdoors. You’re reflective and observant; talented at shutting out life’s noise—capable of being still and appreciating God’s presence and work in the world.

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Worship Angel
You’re an exceptionally artistic individual with a firm grasp of God’s big picture. You keep His continuous narrative in your sights and delight to depict Him before others in every way you can. Your heart and your talents are truly His.

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