Santa Fe Sorting Hat Quiz

You appear in a room with no entrance nor exit. A table with five objects stands in front of you. Pick one to take.
What is your greatest fear?
You are walking down a dark and jagged path. Suddenly, a crossroad appears. There are five places for you to go to.
What is your greatest strength?
The moon is to water as love is to
Pick the most important time of the day
What is your favorite magical class?
A genie has gifted you the answer to one question. What will you ask?
You are traveling through a field and see a huge monster in the distance. You decide to…
What would you want to be remembered for?
Otter House

Congratulations! You have been chosen as an Otter student! Otters are playful, energetic, curious, and friendly, and are always willing to lend a hand to those who need it.

Colors: Teal and Silver

Head of House: Loody Amorus

Tortoise House
We are honored to have you join the Tortoise House. Tortoises are wise beyond their years, intelligent, and calm of mind, but can also be somewhat shy and standoffish to people they don't know very well.

House Colors: Green/Black/Brown

Head of House: Beatrice Taratuga
Peafowl House

The Peafowl house is thrilled to have you join them! Peafowls are sociable, outgoing, and charming to most. They have a way with words that lift people off their feet, and their honest, loyal nature is a plus as well. However, Peafowls can also be somewhat self-absorbed or impulsive.

House Colors: Indigo and Gold

Head of House: Deiona Peafowl

Bearded Dragon House

The Bearded Dragon house is one of inner courage and fire. Despite most thinking they are quick to act and quick to anger, students of this house are actually very pensive, thoughtful, and tolerant. However, their fire strikes from within, burning through their souls and making them a force to be reckoned with when upset. Upsetting a Bearded Dragon is a very bad idea.

House Colors: Yellow and Red

Head of House: Civil Reginald

Tarantula House

Welcome to the Tarantula House! Students of the spider are often independent, secretive, and always ready to fight for their honor. They can be resourceful and adaptable to many situations, but sometimes their brash natures can get them into trouble.

House Colors: Black and Silver

Head of House: Elias Arachada