Which Emcologique House are you?

Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall... Not sure which house you represent? Find your squad here.

Let's do this
Which season are you born?
Emily Averill
Your favourite season
Emily Averill
Your favourite colour
Emily Averill
People would describe you as...
Emily Averill
If you were in a harry potter house, which do you think you'd be?
The Student Printz
What outfit sounds best to you when you think of your fashion sense?
Emily Averill
And finally, what sounds like your ideal holiday?
Emily Averill
Summer: Red Team
You're most similar to a Gryffindor. You're energetic, a natural leader, courageous, you have a sunny outlook, and like to have a good time. You are also a chill, approachable person. People are naturally drawn to you.
Winter: Blue Team
You're most similar to a Slytherin. You are sly, maybe sneaky. You go for what you want, and are often happiest being alone. You're super cool and people usually look up to you. Sometimes you like talking to snakes (jk, I wish)...
Timo Newton-Syms via Flickr
Spring: Green Team
You're always up for an adventure, especially if it means you'll learn something new. You're easy to talk to and love getting to know people. Your friends usually come to you if they need advice or research.
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Fall: Orange Team
Most similar to Hufflepuff. You're a free-spirit and a very loyal friend. You love a good time and make friends with everyone and anyone. You are happiest when you're free-est and yourself completely.