NecroSeam Knighthood Personality Quiz

Which knight faction in the NecroSeam universe would you be in? Answer these ten easy questions to find out!
You typically make decisions based on...
Choose your weapon
When at a party, you...
You're thinking of watching a movie. What are you in the mood for?
If you have a self-imposed deadline, how strict are you about meeting it?
What are you most afraid of?
Which do you hate most?
How would others describe you?
What do others come to you for?
What's your gaming strategy?
You are a BladeSworn!

Faithful and nurturing, you value the life and health of others before your own.

Always the earpiece for those who need to speak their feelings, you are the caretaker of your friends and family. You may donate regularly either to various charities, or to close relations in need. If someone is hurting, you are the first to come heal them however you can.

You often overlook the needs of yourself in favor of others, and are easily stepped on by those who want to take advantage of you. Luckily, once you realize their intentions, you sever ties with no regrets.

Associated elements:

NecroSeam Characters who are in the BladeSworn Knighthood:
Anabelle Goldthorn, Kurrick Everstien, Linolious Rennegaurd, Cayden Relekin
You are a StormChaser!

Spontaneous and fun, you are the life of the party!

You're always up for any game or challenge, and you intend to WIN. You let your instinct guide you with most obstacles, and you show everyone around you a great time. Your energetic aura is contagious to those around you, and you love spreading laughter to friends and family. Your courage and self-assuredness make you open for any opportunity, but good luck to anyone who tries to force you into anything you don't want to do--you find your own way forward.

Your competitive and impulsive nature can often come back to bite you later, making TOO much of a competition out of simple games and irritating casual players. While your gut has gotten you far, it isn't always right, and when it's wrong, it can seriously hurt. Your crash and burn philosophy can bring you high-highs and low-lows, so your mental health can often suffer from these extremes if you don't rest once in a while.

Associated elements:

NecroSeam Characters who are in the StormChaser Knighthood:
Zylveia Skrii'etey, Roji Skrii'etey, Aiden Rogeteller, El Lochist
You are a WaveCrasher!

Diligent and creative, you know that a great work of art is done through hard work, passion, and dedication.

Your dedication to your work is extremely apparent. Particular and goal-oriented, you strive to do the best work you possibly can with any project or endeavor, and you often succeed with results of brilliance and perfection. You listen to the song of your soul and let your passion guide you every step of the way, taking pride in your hard-earned work.

Your need to be perfect can cause severe self-loathing if a project doesn't turn out exactly as you intended. It is very easy for you to fall into your work with such passion, you neglect other aspects of your life such as hunger, sleep, and socializing. While you do have your designated time for leisure, you can often work too hard and miss your window for relaxation. Be sure to watch your ego--it's too easy to think your work is superior to someone else's, and snobbery is not a good look.

Associated elements:

NecroSeam Characters who are in the WaveCrasher Knighthood:
Fuerr Ashit'aqua, Ninumel Ashit'Aqua, Dalminia Skrii'etey, Hecrushou the Hunter
You are a DreamCatcher!

Patient and wise, you always make sure to collect the facts before casting judgement.

Your insistence on gathering data makes you the go-to person for information by friends and family. Because of your dedication to knowledge, you're considered the expert on various subjects of philosophy, history, and abstract thought. You are rarely one to make a decision without learning all you can on the subject in question, making you the source of knowledge among your peers. You are never one to be impulsive because you believe an informed decision is the best decision.

Your search for knowledge can often make you neglect other aspects of your life such as socialization, hunger, and exercise. At times, your need to find all the facts can lead to you making no decision at all, which might upset those relying on your answer. Be careful of your ego, the more knowledge you learn, the easier it can be to think yourself better than others.

Associated elements:

NecroSeam Characters who are in the DreamCatcher Knighthood:
Dream Sandist, Cysalette Sandist, Myra Ember, Yulia Vivelle, James (Jimmy) Grieves
You are a Reaper!

Respectful and fair, you try your hardest to be sure everyone is treated fairly.

Fierce friends and devoted family members, you will always have the backs of your loved ones if they need your help. You are adamant about paying your debts as soon as possible (in equal measure to what you were given) whether it was a favor or a payment loan. You take pains to hear everyone's perspective when making a decision, and if someone is lying, you can sniff it out quickly. You uphold promises made by both parties, and hate when someone goes back on their word or doesn't pull their weight when everyone else is. However, you understand and accept when something new has come up and plans must change, but you will make absolutely sure that everyone involved is aware of that change.

Your constant need to pay back debts can bring unnecessary stress, especially if those debts aren't expected right away. You are often in conflict with making the fairest decision because everyone else has decided one way or another, and you often refuse to make ANY decision if the current options are the slightest bit unfair. While your loved ones admire your dedication to protect them and their opinions, you can often get on their nerves when they really don't need any help.

Associated elements:

NecroSeam Characters who are in the Reaper Knighthood:
Willow Ember, Xavier Devouh, Alexander Devouh, Jaqelle Mallory, Octavius Treble, Lilliana Tessinger