Which Houseplant Matches Your Personality?

Houseplants are truly unique creatures, with different habits, attitudes, and styles—kind of like us! Some are a little more chill and low-key, while others live the diva life and thrive off plenty of attention. Take this quiz to find out which plant has a personality that’s on your level. It may end up becoming your new all-time favorite!
Pick a vacation destination
What color palette resonates with you?
Company’s coming! What are you cooking for dinner?
It’s chore day! What’s your approach to cleaning the house?
How would your friends describe you?
What’s your love language?
How would you describe your home decor?
What’s your go-to movie genre?
Coffee date! What are you ordering?
What’s your mantra?
Snake Plant
You’re a level-headed, no-nonsense person who sticks to their guns! Some might call you a bit stubborn, but you prefer the term “self-assured.” This fuss-free plant is sensible, low-maintenance, and efficient, just like you! It doesn’t need much water or sun. Just chill and let it do its thing! Though it may not ask for much, this distinctive plant is far from boring. Its upright growing leaves give off a subtle air of confidence, and it makes a bold statement without having to try too hard.
You’re a creative type with an eye for design, and you enjoy simple pleasures plus the finer things in life. Nothing beats taking in good art, good food, good wine, and city culture. You might be a little addicted to scrolling through Instagram for inspiration and visual eye candy. The monstera is totally on your level, with its distinctive and beautiful leaves that add so much visual impact into a room without looking too garish. While it requires some upkeep and can be a bit finicky, you take pleasure in putting careful consideration into the things you love.
You’re a real wild child who loves to have fun! On any given day, you could be found crowd surfing at a rock concert, trying out open-mic standup comedy, dyeing your hair blue, or storming Area 51. You’re not afraid to be the center of attention, and you love all things bright and exciting! The mega-colorful croton is the perfect houseplant for you, with its electric green, yellow, red, and orange leaves. Like you, they love the spotlight. Or rather, lots of direct sunlight, to keep them shining bright.
Air Plant
You’ve got a calm, peaceful air about you that puts others at ease! Sometimes, all you need is a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book to keep you entertained. While you may be a bit more shy and introverted, you have a few close friends who you hold dear. Your mindfulness and serene nature makes you a perfect match with the air plant—a slow-growing, but simple and lovely specimen. It doesn’t need rich soil to keep it happy—just a breeze and some good old-fashioned H20. It’s soft, dusty green colors are nice and subdued, just the way you like them.
Ponytail Palm
You’ve got a thirst for adventure and love all things exciting and exotic. Spontaneity comes naturally to you, and you tend to think outside the box. The fun and carefree vibes of the ponytail palm will jive perfectly with your eclectic home decor. The fountains of stringy foliage that burst from their chunky trunk-like stems have so much whimsical character and personality, so it’s a great match for you. They don’t require too much maintenance, so if you go on a spur-of-the-moment vacation and don’t water it for a while, it should still be lush and green once you arrive home.