What's Your Spirit Plant?

Sure, your spirit animal may be majestic, but you'll never be able to take it home. Your spirit plant won't only get you, but it will also make a perfect fit into your lifestyle at home. Find yours...
What does your perfect weekend look like?
Which interior style do you vibe with?
What’s your favourite way to exercise?
What room are you most comfortable in?
What's your preferred level of light?
How likely are you to cancel plans on a weeknight?
How busy are you on a typical day?
How much time do you devote to self care?
Who do you prefer to spend your time with?

That was fun!

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Fiddle Leaf Fig
The Queen Bee: You're a top-trending #queen that everyone wants to have in their life. A proper diva, you know what you like and aren't afraid to let people know when you're not getting your way.
Snake Plant
The Chill Master: You like to take things slow and go with the flow. Darkness is cool, sunlight is cool, you just roll with it all. #whatevs
The Foodie: We can almost guarantee your feeds are full of plate pics and tasty recipes. A true connoisseur of everything edible, you think the best way to bring people together is with a meal.
The Odd One Out: Are you a rock? A plant? Nobody quite knows, but we like your style. Keep on keeping on, friend!
The Explorer: Ultra low-maintenance, you get along with everybody and you're always happy to grow, move, and explore. Travelling is your passion and seeing the world is definitely on your bucket list.
Spider Plant
The Social Butterfly: A mover and a shaker, you're not afraid to get out there and make new friends every day - human and furry friends, alike.