What's Your Fertilizer IQ?

Fertilizer is essential for keeping plants healthy and flourishing, and yet they may be the most misunderstood gardening supplies in your shed. Test your fertilizer IQ, and maybe learn something new, with this quiz!

What are the two main categories of fertilizers?
What is NOT an advantage of inorganic fertilizers?
What’s your best option if you accidentally over-fertilize a plant?
What are the three elements that make up the numbers on the fertilizer bag?
What is a telltale sign your plants have a bit too much nitrogen in their soil?
What is the advantage of using fertilizer pellets?
What does it mean when a fertilizer is “water soluble”?
How often should you apply Premium Controlled Release Plant Food fertilizer pellets?
When should you apply Premium Water-Soluble Plant Food?
What is the best practice for using fertilizers during the growing season?

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