Test Your Knowledge on plastics and buoyancy

Have you just done a science lesson looking at plastic and which types float and sink? Complete this assessment quiz to test your knowledge!

Which of these materials is a polymer?
Name two properties of polymers
What is density?
How do you calculate density?
Which of these objects would not float in water (density of 1g/cm3)?
True or False: Seawater is less dense than distilled water.
Pure water has a density of 1.0 g/cm3
Seawater has a density of 1.03 g/cm3

So seawater is more dense than pure water. How could you test this?
What happens to pressure in a liquid as its depth increases?
Complete the sentence: Plastics are a problem when discarded at sea because....
What is produced when plastics break down in the environment?
Which is the best option when buying a drink to takeaway from a coffee shop?
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