Science of Materials: KS2 Metals

Have you just completed our science activity worksheet about Metals and Magnetism? This is a quick quiz to test your knowledge!

What materials stick to a magnet?

Iron and steel are known as ferrous metals and will stick to a magnet.

Name some other properties of metals

Metals are usually hard, solid, shiny materials. Can you think of some that aren't like this?

What's the name of the place where magnetism was discovered?
The story goes that a shepherd was walking across a large rock of magnetite (a magnetic type of mineral) and suddenly his shoes fell apart! The shoes were made using iron nails which attached the soles to the body of the shoe. The nails stuck to the rock so the shoe broke into pieces! Do you believe this story?
Where do we get metals from?
That's right! Ores are special rocks that contain different metals. They are mined from under the ground.
Are metals a renewable or non-renewable resource?
They are non-renewable, because we can't grow more metals. Once they are used up there won't be any left.
Which kind of your recycling would stick to a magnet?
Steel food tins are made from ferrous metal so would stick to a magnet.
Choose the reasons why we should recycle.

All of those reasons are important. If we don't save resources and look after our planet then we won't be able to live here any more. It's up to all of us to make the right decisions about using our precious resources.

How are magnets used in the recycling process?
Steel food cans stick to huge magnets. See the link: to see a video of how the Recycling Process works.
Do you know the name of the type of train that uses magnets to move?
Name an object that you would never make out of metal.
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