Smartphone quiz: Does it have this feature?

Your job is to figure out whether or not a phone in question has a feature like an in-display fingerprint scanner, a headphone jack, a pop-up selfie camera...
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Does the Nokia 9 PureView have an in-display fingerprint scanner?
Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite sport a so-called waterdrop notch?
Does the Huawei P30 Pro feature a dedicated Google Assistant button?
Does the LG G8X support wireless charging?
Does the OnePlus 7T have a pop-up selfie camera?
Does the Realme X2 Pro feature four rear cameras?
Does the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 have an IR blaster on board?
Does the Motorola One Zoom sport an IP68 rating?
Does the Galaxy Note 10 Plus feature a headphone jack?
Does the ZTE Axon 10 Pro sport a curved display?
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