Samsung Galaxy S20 series: How much do you really know about it?

If you’ve been following smartphone-related news lately, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. This quiz will test out just how much you know about the upcoming phones.
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What are Samsung’s upcoming flagships expected to be called?
Where will the Galaxy S20 series be announced?
True or false: The Galaxy S20 Ultra is rumored to have a pop-up selfie camera.
The Galaxy S20 Plus isn’t expected to feature…
Fill in the blank: The Galaxy S20 is expected to sport _______ rear cameras.
How much RAM is the high-end version of the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G rumored to sport?
The rumored Quick Take feature on the Galaxy S20 will let you…
True or false: All three Galaxy S20 phones will be powered by the Snapdragon 865 chipset in all markets.
The highest resolution camera on the Galaxy S20 Ultra is expected to have…
Fill in the blank: Samsung is rumored to add _______ integration straight into the Galaxy S20’s native messaging app.
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