Was it Samsung or Apple? — pop quiz

Your job is to figure out whether it was Samsung or Apple that developed a certain technology, acquired a specific corporation, came up with a brilliant slogan... The quiz contains 10 questions ranging from easy to hard.
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Which of the two companies was the first to launch a phone with a fingerprint scanner?
Which company turned down the chance to buy Android in 2004?
Which company overtook Nokia as the world’s biggest phone maker in 2012?
Which company had a slogan called “Think different” back in the day?
Which company sued its brand ambassador for using a rival smartphone on TV?
Was it Apple or Samsung that became the world's first trillion-dollar company last year?
Which company is in a legal battle with Qualcomm over patent violations?
Which company announced a 5G phone this year?
Which company announced a technology called Face ID in 2017?
Which company acquired Harman International Industries in 2017?
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