How much do you really know about HMD Global and its Nokia phones?

This quiz contains 10 questions that revolve around the latest Nokia phones and the company that makes them. There are four choices available for each question, only one of which is correct.
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Which of the following Nokia phones is an Android Go device?
In which country is HMD Global based?
HMD Global announced its first Android phone under the Nokia brand in...
True or false: The Nokia 8110 4G is referred to as the "banana phone."
Which of the following statements about Nokia’s flagship is false?
HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer for the Nokia brand is…
True or false: The recently announced Nokia X71 features a pop-up camera.
In 2017, HMD Global launched a new version of which iconic Nokia phone?
The first Nokia Android phone HMD Global announced was the...
Fill in the blank: The ______ has a display that’s curved on the sides.
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