How much do you really know about Google Stadia?

The 10 questions in this quiz revolve around things like the price and features of Google's upcoming game-streaming service. How many can you get right?
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Google Stadia is expected to launch in...
How much will Google Stadia Pro cost in the U.S.?
True or false: Google Stadia will work with devices including laptops, tablets, phones, and the Chromecast Ultra.
Fill in the blank: Google Stadia will initially support up to _____ gaming.
To stream Google Stadia games at 1080p, your internet speed will have to be at least…
How many countries will Googe Stadia initially be available in?
True or false: The Stadia controller is required to play games on mobile or via the Chrome browser.
The first game to be available for Stadia Pro will be…
The Stadia Founder’s Edition, which retails for $129, does not include…
At launch, which phones will support Google Stadia?
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