Google Assistant: How much do you really know about it?

There are 10 questions in this quiz, each of which revolves around Google's digital assistant. How many can you get right?
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The first phone with Google Assistant built in was the…
Which year was Google Assistant announced?
Google Assistant is available on phones running at least…
True or false: Google Assistant was developed by Andy Rubin and sold to Google in 2016.
One of the hotwords for launching Google Assistant is...
Which of the following devices does not have Google Assistant built-in?
True or false: You can launch Google Assistant on the Pixel 4 by squeezing the edges of the phone.
How many actions does Google Assistant roughly support?
In the US, Google Assistant can respond to your commands using the voice of…
Fill in the blank: In partnership with Google, McDonalds allows you to _________ via Google Assistant.
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