Am I addicted to sugar?

Do you know that sugar is HIGHLY addictive? How high? Well in one study involving rats, it was shown to be 8x more addictive than cocaine!

Take the following quiz to learn whether you should be concerned about your sugar consumption.
How often do you eat sweets such as cookies, cake, pie, ice cream, donuts, candy, etc.?
How often do you drink soda, sports drinks, fruit juice and/or alcohol?
If you stop eating sugar for a day, do you experience: irritability, headaches, tiredness or flu-like symptoms?
Do you regularly crave sugary sweets?
Can you stop after eating one bite of food containing sugar?
Can you have foods or beverages containing sugar in your home and NOT eat or drink them?
Do you continue eating sugar even though you're aware it's not healthy?
Can you go for more than 3 hours without eating and NOT become tired, angry, anxious, depressed, shaky or sweaty?
Which best represents your typical breakfast? (Click on all that apply.)
How often do you reward yourself with sweet treats?
Have you ever tried to give up sugar and NOT been able to do so?
Does the idea of living without sugar cause you to be uneasy, anxious or sad?
Hooray! You're probably NOT addicted to sugar!
Sugar is HIGHLY addictive and is added to most processed foods. Always read food labels to minimize the amount of sugar you're consuming.

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You MAY be addicted to sugar.
But there's also good news! YOU can address sugar addiction. If you desire a healthier lifestyle, begin eliminating processed foods from your diet.

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