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Which of the following SAFETY points should you remember when handling a gun?
A safe practice when handling a gun is to rest your finger on the outside of the trigger guard or along the side of the gun until you are ready to shoot.
There is no such thing as being too careful with children and guns.
What are the Safety Rules for Children when they discover a gun when a parent or another adult is not present? This could happen in the child's own home; the home of a neighbor; friend or relative; or in a public place such as school or park. If this could happen, what does a child need to do?
When not using a gun, use a firearms safety device and store the gun in a locked container.
Just because a cartridge fits into your firearm does not necessarily mean it is safe to shoot.
You should NOT assume a semiautomatic pistol is unloaded just because the magazine is removed from the handgun.
As a responsible gun owner, you must recognize the need and be aware of the methods of childproofing your handgun, whether or not you have children.
It is safe to store a loaded handgun in your bedside table, under a mattress or pillow, or on a closet shelf.
Whenever children could be around, whether your own, or a friend's relative's or neighbor's, additional safety steps should be taken when storing firearms and ammunition in your home.
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