WTF Happened in Politics this Week?

How well do you know what happened in politics this week?
What is a continuing resolution?
President Trump passed an executive order to expand drilling where?
Why is an omnibus bill sometimes called a Christmas tree?
What does GAO stand for?
Who’s unexpectedly compelling voice joined the health care debate this week?
What is the Johnson Amendment?
What happens next to the AHCA, also known as Trumpcare?
What controversial organization would be defunded by the GOP health care bill?
What is a legislative vehicle?
Yikes. You really didn't do so well. That's OK - stick with us next week and keep track of what's going on in Congress. We believe in you!
You did alright! We're proud of you, but you could definitely do better by sticking with Countable next week and trying again.
You rock! Nice job paying attention to Countable this week. How about we do this again same time next week?