The Countable Quiz for November 6-10, 2017

Historic elections (and Election Day stickers). Climate change reports (and contradictions). Russian meddling (or maybe not). How many headlines did you skim this week? Take our quiz and show off your results!
WebSubstance / iStockphoto
Carter Page admitted that while in Moscow, he did actually:
The White House released a climate change report that contradicts the administration—what did the report claim?
The House has introduced a bill that would require Congress to approve military action against…
Tuesday was Election Day—what unique “I Voted” stickers did New York provide?
Election Day saw which of these historic firsts?
You got blank!
You're... Maybe Having Internet Connectivity Issues? – 0/5 correct. 
You're... Not the Worst – 1/5 correct. Yeah, could be worse. You could have known nothing at all. So, good on you!
You're... A Little Behind – 2/5 correct. Need some help getting up to speed? Try reading the Daily Countable for a quick roundup of what you need to know to sound cogent while arguing with those who disagree with you.
You're... Savvy – 3/5 correct! You know a thing or two or three, but your attention has been elsewhere (hopefully not on your crippling depression).
You're... Well-Informed – 4/5 correct! You've got your fingers on the pulse of American politics and your toes on America's blood pressure.
You're... A Budding Pundit – 5/5 correct! You could probably teach us a thing or two!

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