The Countable Quiz for December 4 - 8, 2017

Controversial endorsements, cakes & shrinkages. Did you keep up with all the controversy? Take the Countable News Quiz and find out if you're a News Know-It-All or a News Know-It-Nothing →

(Photo credit: Sdominick / iStockphoto)
The Supreme Court is hearing the case of a baker who refused to make a cake for:
Trump made which controversial endorsement this week?
The Trump Administration wants to allow restaurants to:
SCOTUS is allowing full enforcement of:
President Trump announced that he’s shrinking:
You're... Maybe Having Internet Connectivity Issues? – 0/5 correct.
You're... Not the Worst – 1/5 correct. Yeah, could be worse. You could have known nothing at all. So, good on you!
You're... A Little Behind – 2/5 correct. Need some help getting up to speed? Try reading the Daily Countable for a quick roundup of what you need to know to sound cogent while arguing with those who disagree with you.
You're... Savvy – 3/5 correct! You know a thing or two or three, but your attention has been elsewhere.
You're... Well-Informed – 4/5 correct! You've got your fingers on the pulse of American politics and your toes on America's blood pressure.
You're... A Budding Pundit – 5/5 correct! You could probably teach us a thing or two!