Reading Interest Profile - Lower Secondary

Design a video game, and be recommended some books based on your choices!
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You have not been in this arcade for ages. It looks like it has gone out of business. However, you begin to hear a humming sound and see a faint glow up ahead. You realise it is a video game! It seems to be the last one still working. What game is it?
You open your eyes and find yourself standing alone on an empty plain. You are aware that you have the power to shape this game. You look at the ground beneath you. What do you want it to be?
In the distance, you make out the faint shape of a giant structure. Squinting, you see:
Suddenly, you hear a growl. Swinging around, you find:
Panicking, you rummage through your pockets; surely in this video game you must be equipped with something that can help. At last, you manage to find:
A fierce fight ensues. There must be an exit somewhere! Looking around frantically, you see:
You should read Realistic Fiction!

Keeping it real! Curious and compassionate, you prefer stories that tackle social issues and delve into the lives of people around us.

You should read the Horror/Thriller genre!

Nerves of steel—that is how some of your friends might describe you. You are drawn to dark and suspenseful stories, where odds and stakes are high for the characters within.

You should read the Fantasy genre!

Magic, myth, mystery... you like them all! Artistic and imaginative, you find magic even in the most mundane situations.

You should read the Sci-Fi genre!
You have a taste for science and technology, and believe most of the world can be explained through logic and observation. You enjoy reading futuristic stories that stretch the limits of human imagination.