Reading Interest Profile! (Lower Primary)

Welcome to the School of Reading Spies!

Your journey to become a top spy begins here. Answer the questions to find out which reading genre you'll be assigned to.
It’s going to be a long journey. Gear up and take a bag to put everything in.
A spy needs a disguise! Select the best outfit to help you blend in.
We can’t do everything alone – choose an ally to help you during a battle.
When things get rough, choose the tool that would help you get out of a tricky situation.
Don’t forget to bring a map! You’ll need it to navigate your surroundings and not get lost.
Almost done! What transport would you use for travel?
A portal appears! Where will it bring you to?
Hmm... seems like the portal needs to charge up first. Read a book while waiting?
Alright, we’re ready! Time to jump into the portal! Before you are whisked away, don’t forget to grab your lucky item!

You're a brave fan of spooky tales! Click here for more paranormal stories.


You like fun adventure stories. Click here for more exciting tales.

Realistic Fiction

You enjoy reading about relatable characters! Click here for more realistic fiction books.


Magical schools and talking cats interest you! Click here for more fantasy reads.

Science Fiction

You enjoy cool science fiction stories! Click here for more sci-fi reads.