Which John's Chronicle Category Are You?

Ever wondered what which category of the John's Chronicle blog you'd fit in? Want to write for us but not sure where you're best suited to? Just bored and not really sure what you're doing here?

Well, we've got the quiz for you!
Choose a colour
Choose a song
Your friends usually describe you as:
What's your favourite type of potato?
What movie genre do you usually lean towards?
Where is your ideal place to work?
It's a Friday night! What are your plans?
Life in John's!
You're a Johnian through and through and you're proud of it! :)
Beyond the Bailey
You can never sit still and are always on the lookout for the next place to visit. Keep that travel bug spirit going and never let it go!
Being inquisitive and curious runs in your veins. You're always the one to think deeply about things and to express an opinion that can help change the world!
Arts and Culture
Things like the latest trends and the best arts scenes in town never slip through your fingers!