Which “Romantic Hero” will steal your heart?

Heroes, new and familiar, abound in A Very Austen Romance (an Austen-inspired anthology). Enjoy this fun quiz and learn which of the heroes in the book is the best literary match for you!
Help Me Find My Match!
I prefer men who…
regency couple
What sporting events would your hero like?
cart race
Which is your hero’s favorite social engagement?
dining table
What is your hero’s worst fault?
books in fireplace
Which dance would be his favorite?
couple dancing
What is your hero’s favorite book?
row of books
Where would your hero like to visit most?
World Map
What is your hero’s greatest virtue?
Conrad Thayer
You've chosen Conrad Thayer, navy lieutenant, and self-professed bibliophile.

You enjoy men of firm convictions, self-sacrifice, and who appreciate a quiet evening with a good book.

Enjoy meeting Mr. Thayer in Charming Miss Dashwood by Chautona Havig
Man in uniform
Admiral Lord Stephens
You've chosen Admiral Lord Stephens.

You enjoy men of kindness and compassion and don't mind helping him overcome a difficult past.

While the Admiral has a heart of gold, will he be able to overcome his dark past to win Kitty's heart? Find out in Robin Helm’s story, The King of Hearts.
Regency Man
Colonel Fitzwilliam
You've chosen Colonel Fitzwilliam!

You enjoy men who are full of fun and aren't afraid to express their opinions. A few flaws are fine as long as he has a heart of gold and will keep you in stitches.

Read You've Got to Kiss the Girl by Laura Hile to see more of Colonel Fitzwilliam and his beloved cousin, Darcy!
Regency man
Mr. Dunby Abercrombe

You've chosen Mr. Dunby Abercrombe:

You enjoy handsome and confident men who enjoy active pursuits, are kind and genial, and even better, aren't afraid to admit their wrongs.

Read Mandy Helm’s In the Looking Glass to discover if Fanny Bingley will consent to marry him herself!

John Knightley
You have chosen John Knightley

You can overlook a hasty temper in favor of a faithful and true man who is utterly devoted to his friends and family.

You'll find his story (and maybe fall in love with another Knightley) in John Knightley Wins a Wife by Barbara Cornthwaite.
Regency Man
Fitzwilliam Darcy (Wendi's)
You have chosen Fitzwilliam Darcy

You admire men who are true gentlemen, willing to save a lady from both social and physical peril.

While Mr. Darcy's struggles with pride, he also battles losing his heart to a lady he is certain his family won't accept.

You can read more about Mr. Darcy in A Step too Far by Wendi Sotis
historical gentleman