How well do you know Paris?

Take our short quiz to test your knowledge on our beloved city! Brush up on Paris' secrets!
And next time you come to France, please be sure to visit our children's boutique L'Île aux Fées, we would love to have you!

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Paris quizz
Quizz on Paris - L'île aux Fées children's boutique in Paris
How many bridges are there in Paris?
L'île aux Fées Paris photo
37 - In Paris you will find 37 bridges crossing the river Seine. The oldest one is the Pont Neuf ( New Bridge )! Don't be fooled by its name!
Which of these is the Luxembourg garden, Paris' most pretty garden in the heart of the 6th arrondissement?
Picture 1 - In the background you can spot the Sénat, the upper house of the French parliament. You will also recognize its white statues. The garden has over a hundred of them including twenty queens of France! This is little Parisians' playground.
Where do Chanel fashion shows always take place in Paris?
Le Grand-Palais - Since 2007 the Chanel couture house has been hosting its fashion shows under the vaulted arches of the Grand Palais built in 1900 to the glory of French art! The place holds exhibits all around the year and is transformed into an ice-rink at Christmas time!
What is the oldest café in Paris called?
The Procope - It is said to have opened in 1686. It was a great favorite of several legendary writers and intellectuals. The famous author Voltaire, the legend says, drank 40 cups of coffee there per day. Located in the 6th arrondissement and staying true to its historical decor, it offers traditional French cuisine.

Where can you admire Monet's famous water lilies?
Photo: J. Brichto
At the Musée de l'Orangerie - The art gallery located in the west side of the Tuileries Garden near the Place de la Concorde is famous for its impressionist and post-impressionist paintings. It has a whole room dedicated to eight water lily paintings of Monet.
Which of these cake is a Saint Honoré?
Answer 1 - Named after the Saint Patron of bakers, the St Honoré has a puff pastry and choux base topped with cream and caramelized sugar.
The second one is an éclair au chocolat, also made with a choux dough, it always has an oblong shape. The third is a Paris-Brest, a round pastry creates to commemorate the Paris-Brest bicycle race.

Where can you find the most beautiful jewelry houses in Paris?
The Place Vendôme - Since the 19th century it has been home to the finest jewel makers. Located in the regal 1st arrondissement, is shaped like an emerald-cut diamond. It is also famous for its luxury hotel Le Ritz.
What is Paris' motto?
Domine dirige nos - Lord direct us : This is the motto of the city of London.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité - Liberty, equality, fraternity : This is the national motto of France.
Fluctuat nec mergitur - Tossed but not sunk : This is the motto of Paris. It was originally used by the boatman's corporation sailing on the river Seine.

Which of these is the Hermès flagship located rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré?
Answer 1 - The Hermès flagship can easily be recognized thanks to it rooftop garden and rider statue built during the Second World War.
The second one is also in Paris, it is located Avenue Georges V and has a beautiful wood-panelled store front.
The last one is the most recent Parisian Hermès store located right by the Lutetia hotel in a former swimming pool.
What does the name of our Parisian boutique L'île aux Fées mean?
Our Parisian boutique is named L'Île aux Fées, meaning fairy island.
Fée because of the French saying "elle a des doigts de fée" which is used to describe someone who is extremely skilled with their hands. Indeed our team of expert embroiderers have a real talent. With their “doigts de fées “ they give life to gorgeous fairytale gowns for little girls.

And Île meaning island, because of Madagascar, home of our designer, where our atelier is located.
Thank you for taking part in our quiz!