Which of These Ridiculous College Classes are Real?

There are some pretty unique college classes at campuses across America. Some of these classes are more ridiculous than others. Can you tell which of these college classes are actually real?
True or False: How to Watch Television is a real college course
True! How to Watch Television is an undergrad course at Montclair State University. The goal of this course is to get students to think critically about the role TV plays in their lives.
Which one of these courses is real?
You can enroll in The Art of Walking at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.
True or False: Underwater Basket Weaving is a real college course
False! Underwater Basket Weaving is not a real college course. But it definitely would be cool if it was.
Which of these college classes can you actually enroll in?
Getting Dressed is actually a course that freshman at Princeton University can enroll in.
Which one of these classes actually exists?
Students at The University of California-Berkeley can enroll in The Joy of Garbage. This course aims to teach students about the issues that surround the global garbage crisis.
True of False: Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame is a real class
True! This course is available to students at The University of South Carolina.
Can you guess which one of these classes is real?
Students at the University of California-Santa Barbara can learn about the History of Surfing. This course teaches students the medium of surfing, as well as the cultural impacts of surfing around the world.
True of False: Demystifying the Hipster is a real class
True! Students at Tufts Experimental College can take a look at the mind of modern-day bohemians, commonly referred to as "hipsters".
Which one of these classes can you enroll in?
This interesting course is offered to Students at Alfred University in Alfred, NY. In addition to learning all about Maple Syrup, students also get to tap for Maple Syrup in class.
Which one of these courses is actually real?
Students at Michigan State University can enroll in this course and learn tips on how to survive the coming Zombie Apocalypse.
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Can you believe that some of these classes are actually real? There are unique classes at just about every college, so don't be afraid to branch out and see what classes you can attend!