Can You Guess Which Crazy Tradition Belongs to Which College?

Some of the craziest college traditions have been around for decades and are still going strong on campuses across the country. Can you guess which college these crazy traditions belong to?
Grand Prix
Grand Prix is a Go-Kart Race that has been held on Purdue University's campus since 1958.
Tortilla Toss
Baylor is home to a Waco sports tradition known as tortilla tossing, in which students attempt to fling a tortilla like a frisbee off a suspension bridge above the Brazos river onto a cement platform below.
Orgo Night
Columbia University is home to "Orgo Nght", one of the weirdest college traditions in the country. The day before the Organic Chemistry Exam, the school's marching band occupies Butler Library on Campus to distract students from studying.
Dooley Week
Honoring the unofficial mascot of Emory University, Claire E. Dooley, this tradition occurs each spring. The spirit of Dooley (a student in a skeleton costume) appears on campus and dismisses classes with a wave of her hand.
Primal Scream
The Primal Scream is a tradition that occurs at Carleton College in Northfield, MN. At 10pm the night before finals, students shriek and wail as a way to blow off steam while studying for finals.
Rub the Toe
At Yale University, prospective "yallies" will rub the toe of the statue of Theodore Dwight Woolsey (former president of Yale University) for luck.
Krispy Kreme Challenge
The Krispy Kreme Challenge takes place every year at North Carolina State University. Every February, students take part in a 5-mile race to the local Krispy Kreme where each participant downs a dozen donuts in less than an hour.
Guarding the Shrine
Guarding the Shrine is a time-honored tradition on the Penn State campus. Ever since Syracuse fans managed to paint the statue of the Nittany Lion orange, Penn State ROTC members volunteer to guard the lion at every homecoming game.
Mirror Lake Jump
The Mirror Lake Jump is a tradition at Ohio State University that dates back to 1969. Students show their school pride by jumping into Mirror Lake around midnight the Tuesday before their annual football game with the University of Michigan.
Healy Howl
Every Halloween, students at Georgetown University gather to watch the 1973 fright fest "The Exorcist". When the film ends just before midnight, students venture to the cemetery near Healy Hall and howl at the moon.
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