Are You a Bad Group Partner?

We all know that group projects are no one's favorite thing. We also know that group projects can be stressful when someone doesn't pull their weight. Have you ever wondered if you're a good group member? Answer these questions and we'll tell you if you're a bad group partner or not!
How long does it take you to respond to text messages?
How often do you procrastinate on assignments?
Do you like working with others?
How much do you feel you contribute to group projects?
Do you think you work well with other people?
What would you say is your biggest weakness when it comes to group work?
You're a Great Group Partner!
You are the type of group partner that everyone wants to have in their group. You're reliable, attentive, have a great attitude, and work well with others. Keep up the good work!
You're a Pretty Good Group Partner
You're a Pretty Good Group Partner! You always get the work done and most of the time you work well with others.
When working in a group it's important to be attentive, complete work in a timely manner, and get along with other group members. Don't be afraid to take initiative!
You're a Bad Group Partner
We hate to say it, but you're not the greatest group partner. No worries, this is something that can easily be fixed! Here are some things that will help you improve as a group member:
1. Focus on completing tasks in a timely manner
2. Communicate more with group members
4. Be attentive
3. Have a good attitude about working with a group