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You happen to have a taste for a cohesive mix of color, scale, texture, and finish. You enjoy when everything comes together in a collective feel, creating a brilliant trendy yet timeless design. You like a space that is totally and completely unique, reflecting the person who is living there rather than the shiny pages of a design magazine.

AKA you are probably a really cool person.

You're a part of todays modern style, birthed around the turn of the 20th century. Celebrating natural materials, neutral & earthy tones and the elimination of the unnecessary. You like a clean, manicured space with focus on texture & tone rather than bursts of vibrant color and pattern. You tend to turn towards environmentally friendly materials and up cycled pieces.
Inspired by 18th and 19th century European décor, you enjoy the timeless and classic elements found in Traditional design. Refined tones and rich color & materials compliment the ornate lines of furniture and architectural elements. You appreciate the elegance and finer details of design. (Oh you fancy, huh!)
You're a bit in between. Very appreciative of the beautiful forms of traditional design, but you haven't met a modern touch that you haven't enjoyed. Design for you is about a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional styles creating timeless, classic spaces.
Glam | Hollywood Regency
You're all about the drama! Bring on the luscious fabrics, bright metallics and vibrant color. Your style is a nod to classic Hollywood glamour, focusing on the flair, the finish and all the details in between. You're a fan of mixing style generations with classic traditional furniture shapes mixed with modern touches. You like a polished space with absolutely sensational features.
Do you dream of living in an old warehouse? Maybe a factory loft? You thrive in an urban atmosphere full of raw materials giving off an unfinished, yet curated feel. Metal with traces of rust or patina, exposed wood, concrete all come together creating a cohesive mix. This style relies on the architectural elements just as much as the decor and furnishings within the space.
California Modern
You're the cool guy here. A newly developed style inspired by California culture incorporates colors resembling the sea, sky and sand. You'll find layers of rich texture such as rough sisal and hyacinth mixed with breezy fabrics such as linen and cotton. Pops of color can be found in carefully chosen accessories, art & decor.
Modern Farmhouse
Ever heard of Joanna Gaines? Of course you have - you're her groupie! You enjoy combining rustic style in the form of natural wood & metals mixed with traditional furniture forms. The Shabby Chic, DIY, Pinterest-popular style is a perfect blend of warmth and simplicity.
Minimalist | Scandinavian
You like design focused and categorized by it’s simplicity, minimalism & functionality. Clean lines and a concentration on varying textures rather than an explosion of color creates a calming and serene atmosphere that you love to call home. It's important to you that each piece in your home is carefully chosen to for both it's simplicity but it's utilitarian purpose as well. No hoarders here!