Students: Are you studying the right thing?

Are you headed down the right career path? Take this short quiz to see if you're studying the right thing or if it's time consider a change in direction.
Do you feel bored with your classes or course work?
Are you the king or queen of procrastination when it comes to your course work?
Are you getting the best grades you could be achieving?
Do you often skip classes?
Does your course make you feel overwhelmed or incredibly stressed?
Do you like your professors or lecturers?
Do you feel more interested in your friends courses?
Did you choose your degree or major based on earning potential?
Were you pressured into this career path by your parents?
Is your ultimate dream job in line with what you're currently studying?
You may have chosen the wrong degree or career.
Based on your answers, it seems as though you're facing a lot more challenges than the usual procrastination and resistance that comes with being studious. Perhaps your choice of career is not aligned with your true self and it might be in your best interest to think seriously about making a change. Read more about what to do if you're headed down the wrong career path here: 
You're on the right track!
Based on your answers, it seems you've made the right choice for your future. Keep being your authentic self and pursuing your passions and you'll be well on your way towards a career full of fulfilment and success.