Confidence, spirit, joy. Next season’s colours are all about creative and unexpected combinations- but which best suits you? The 2019 Spring Summer colour stories are defined by uplifting colours, confidently supported by reliable neutrals.

With designers teasing SS19 trends, and the pantone colour of the year announcement just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get the jump on next years colour trends.

Find the SS19 pantone palette that speaks to your personality and vamp up your outfits, your instagram colour palette, or your home with our bespoke colour swatching.

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Finally, pick a sky
The CRAVINGS palette

The cravings palette feeds the senses.

You’re passionate and appreciate the finer things. You’d rather have a little quality over quantity (or better yet, a lot of luxury!)

Your pantone palette is warm, autumnal, sumptuous. These colours bring rich luxury into the contemporary by adding an unexpected femme edge to dark bold stories.

Rich pink and bright reds sit against toffee and granite browns.

Photography: Pablo Merchan Montes

You keep up with styles and always make them your own.

This palette oozes fresh, verdant, contemporary glamour vibes. Bold and unusual: think peculiar romantic.

Flamingo pink and royal blue emerge from serious and mysterious dark blue and green neutrals.

Photography: Victor Garcia
The SYNCOPATED palette

You’re creative, but organised (or at least you make sure to appear organised from the outside!)

The syncopated palette is about being confident; bold ideas find rhythm together.

Clean, fresh and homely yellow and creams are supported with strong blue neutrals and energized with unexpected oranges.

Photography: Emily Rudolph

A palette inspired by world travel, with a contemporary chromatic take.

It’s a palette for people who love home but need to travel. You appreciate a new take on a classic, so long as innovation doesn’t come at the cost of good quality.

Pair muted buttery neutral creams with royal blue and brushed red.

Photography: Dmitry Dreyer
The CLASSICO palette

Contemporary clean lines, sensible blues and neutrals are enlivened with an unexpected touch of gold and glitter.

You’re very goal oriented, but not at the cost of your personal life. You are both the life of the party and the best at organising them.

Deep and royal blues with muted creams and a restrained pop of gold and glitter.

Photography: Jack Finnigan
The MUSINGS palette

You know yourself so you aren’t afraid to be flexible with others.

This palette is refreshing and well rested. Soft, firm colours in hushed calm yet energized shades.  

Organic greens stand out against sweet lilac, pink and cream.

Photography: Annie Spratt