What's your REAL little age?

Being a Little comes with many different types of options! One of them being your Little age! This quiz will help determine what age you are while in Little space! P.S. Try taking this quiz while in Little space to see how you would truly act!
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Before we begin, how old do you think your Little Age is?
Do you wear diapers?
Are you the jealous type?
Where is your favorite place to go while in Little Space?
How needy are you?
What kind of punishments do you recieve for misbehaving?
What's your favorite school subject?
What helps you sleep at night?
How do you mainly act while in Little Space?
What do you do in your freetime?
You are 0-1 Years Old
Otherwise known as infants, many Littles who are these ages are apart of the ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lovers) Community. Here are some characteristics that help describe your Little Personality:
.You will cry when you don't get your way
.Not too verbal when you're in Little space but also babbly when excited
.Really cuddly
.Sleeps a lot and takes many naps
.Whiney often
.Needs a Paci/Blankey/Stuffy/Chewy Things
.Loves onesies
You are 2 Years Old!
2 year olds can be a handful. We all hear the stories of the "Terrible Twos" and with a Little of this age that is no exception! Caregivers of this age must be very patient and stern but also needs to be able to educate a Little and provide much attention and awards. If you are two years old you are most likely:
.Very Impatient
.Stumbles over many words
.Highly sensitive
.Moody, happy one minute, angry/sad the next
.Trips and Falls often
.Curious Caterpillar
.Has tons of energy and needs naps often
You are 3-4 Years Old!
If you're a Little who is 3-4 you a have matured from the baby stage but are still very young and naïve! Littles of this age tend to be:
.Loving and Cuddly
.Mimics words and actions
.Spills a lot of foods and drinks and gets upset over it
.Gets very clingy with their Caregiver
.Finds it hard to get ready in the morning
.Goofy and Silly!
.Has more anxiety about being left alone
You are 5-6 Years Old!
Littles who are 5-6 are able to be Little without their Dom more so than younger Littles! However they still depend on other a great deal! Littles who are 5-6 Years old:
.Asks tons of questions to calm their never ending curiosity
.Can be more Little alone
.Very trusting, will believe anything, be careful of bad people!!!
.Giggly and creative, has a big imagination
.More calm than other Littles but likes to jump and run when excited
.Bad at lying
.Will not want to go to bed
.Needs TV to stay distracted
You are 7-10 Years Old!
Littles who are 7-10 years old are one of the most mature groups! They tend to act more mature in public but can still have a lot of anxiety around others! They feel protected with their Caregiver around but aren't afraid to go out and explore themselves! Littles who are 7-10 Years Old:
.Love to play with others and make new friends!
.Complains about "adult" things
.Likes to know everything
.Over dramatic and bratty