's Tough Trivia: Presidential Edition

You Think You Know Cape Cod?  Take our quick quiz to see how much you really know!  This one is really tough.
The Kennedy Compound is located in which Barnstable village?
The Gray Gables Railroad Station in Bourne was built for which President?
Mulberry Cottage is one of the oldest homes on Cape Cod. It was built in 1640 and is located in Barnstable. Which of the following Presidents is NOT related to original owner Samuel Hinckley?
This President was the first to visit Martha’s Vineyard while in office.
The First Trans-Atlantic wireless message was sent from the Marconi Station in Wellfleet. The message was a correspondence between the King of England and this president.
After World War I, with it losing tremendous amounts of money, the Cape Cod Canal closed when the Belmont Company refused to take back control of the waterway. This future president helped facilitate the purchase of the Canal by the United States government.
The Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown was officially dedicated by which president?
President Grover Cleveland has which of these named after him on Cape Cod?
This president visited Nantucket with the First Lady to visit their daughter who lived in Siasconset.
In 1961 John F. Kennedy signed a bill creating the Cape Cod National Seashore. Which of the following is NOT true about the Seashore?
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