Run an Online Test

Easily create an engaging multiple choice test for effective & fun learning.

Easy to Create

Creating online tests is easy and quick using the intuitive Opinion Stage quiz maker. To further accelerate creation time, you can start with one of our pre-built templates.

Immediate Feedback

You can configure that after users answer each question, they get a correct/incorrect indication or/and an explanation about the correct answer. This is a good way to learn while completing the test.

Personalized Results

Based on the answers of the users and the result they get in the test, you can offer a customized result screen. For example, if a user got a good result on the test, offer to continue to the next topic, and if the user got a non-satisfactory result, redirect them to a learning resource and encourage them to retake the test.

Detailed Analytics

Analyze both the performance and the results of the test using different types of reports. Reports include a performance report, a results report, a drop-off report, a score breakdown report, and more. Export all the information to an xls/csv file for advanced analysis.

Time the Test

You can add a timer to the test so that the time it took to complete the test is tracked together with the user answers.

Test Example

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