Jimdo Poll – How to add a poll to Jimdo sites

Opinion Stage lets you add polls, quizzes, and lists anywhere – including your Jimdo site. Interactive content by Opinion Stage has a proven record of increasing engagement, shares, time on site, and traffic. Read on to learn how to add a Jimdo poll (or other interactive content).

To add a poll to a Jimdo post/page:

1) Create a poll using the create a poll form

2) After the poll is created, locate it in the Dasboard

3) Click “Embed” next to the poll you created, click the Script tab and copy the JavaScript code


4) On your Jimdo website, under blog select write a new post

5) On your new post, select “add element” and then “additional elements.” Finally, select “widget/HTML”


6) Paste your code, and click save. The poll should appear.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.