How Opinion Stage is Used by Businesses – Live Examples

Business of all sizes and across many verticals work with Opinion Stage to boost site engagement, generate leads, and drive sales. Below are some examples of how businesses are using Opinion Stage.


Kaspersky is a technology company that creates software for computer safety. Its popular antivirus program is designed to protect users from malware. Kaspersky uses Opinion Stage Polls, Surveys, and Trivia Quizzes to promote their latest programs and generate leads, by asking captivating and relevant questions about personal and corporate technology use.

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Everyday Health

Everyday Health is a digital media company which owns websites and produces content relating to health and wellness. They use Opinion Stage Trivia Quizzes and Polls to better engage with audience and educate readers on important health topics.

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The Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is a set of annual international awards given in recognition of academic, cultural, and scientific advances. Nobel Prize uses Opinion Stage Trivia and Polls to boost engagement on their site.

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Readers Digest

Readers Digest, a global magazine that reaches 13 million monthly visitors, uses Opinion Stage to increase reader engagement and time spent on site.

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Android Authority

Android Authority is the largest independent publication dedicated to the world’s most widely used operating system, reaching 50 million monthly technology enthusiasts. They use Opinion Stage Polls to engage with their readers.

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SpoilerTV is one of the largest movie and tv sites for information and promos on popular films and tv shows. They use Opinion Stage to boost site engagement with captivating polls for eager fans. They’ve generated 8.1 million impressions and 7.8 million responses!

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