How to let users add their own answers

Opinion Stage provides two different methods that allow your users to add their own answers to a poll.

1. Without Social Media

When editing your poll, check the box that reads “allow users to add their answers.” When users input their own answers, after voting the results bar will display “Other.” To see what your users wrote, go to your dashboard and select “Results” under the relevant poll. In the poll report, under “Other Answers” you will be able to see what other answers your users added.

2. With Social Media

On the edit page of a new poll, open up social settings and check the box that says “display Facebook comments.” The poll should now allow users to add their own thoughts and answers via their Facebook social profile.

When using the “other” option, why don’t we allow users’ own answers to appear on the poll?

We don’t let users’ own answers appear on the poll since we found that such a feature has many drawbacks. First, it enables duplicate votes and answers, especially with misspellings. As a result, the same answer can appear twice on one poll, but be displayed in different options because of differences in spelling. Too many answers like this can ruin the aesthetic value of the poll on your site.

For more information, check out the Poll Maker product page.


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