BARS Website Feedback Survey

The current BARS website design has now been running for almost 3 years, since we ran a competition for BARS members to help design the new website. The website went 'live' during the 2017 BARS conference.

In order to help us provide relevant material, we would be grateful if you would complete this short feedback survey to improve any problems that you have found with it. It should take less than 5 minutes and all answers are completely anonymous.

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Overall, how well does the BARS website meet your needs?
How easy was it to find what you were looking for on the BARS website?
Did it take you more or less time than you expected to find what you were looking for on the BARS website?
How relevant do you find the content within the BARS website?
How visually appealing do you find the BARS website?
How easy is it to understand the information on the BARS website?
Do you trust the information on the BARS website?
For information about diabetic eye screening, is the BARS website your first choice?
How likely would you recommend the BARS website to your work colleagues?
Do you have any further comments on how we could improve the BARS website or what you would like to see? If not, leave blank and click Submit to complete the survey.
Thank you
Many thanks for completing the BARS website survey. Your answers will help to make the website more applicable for professionals working within diabetic eye screening.

If you would like to contact BARS about this survey, please email us at

BARS Webmaster on behalf of BARS Council