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Run with the wolves in the Bloodmark Saga by Aurora Whittet
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You're a Cree. Nature runs deep in your bones and you worship Old Mother Earth. You are aware of all your surroundings and pick up on the subtle changes in those around you. Your soul is in balance with nature and you enjoy caring for those around you. Join Kane and Shikoba with the Canadian Cree.
You're a Vanir. You are both gracious and wise, and respected by all those around you. You are a gracious care giver and an old soul with timeless taste. Join Mother Rhea Vanir in an ancient pack of Elder Gods in beautiful Greece.
You're a Kingerly. You enjoy all the finest things in life from wealth to adventure. You love being the center of attention. The Kingerly's are the wealthiest pack and living it the majestic mountains of Switzerland. Enjoy the decadent Kingerly status with Channing and Cara.
You're a Kahedin. You are a guardian. Ruled by both family and tradition you find yourself in solving riddles and fighting for what's right. Rule from Wales with the royal Kahedin's and stand side by side with Brychan, Tegan and Gwyn.
You're a Killian. You have a rebellious heart and no matter the difficulty you fight for those you love. You scoff at impending doom and embrace revolution. The Killian dire wolves hail from Scotland. Join Baran, Willem and Khepri on their journey to reclaim their royal lands.
You're a Boru. You are fierce and uninhibited. You are an old soul ruled by raw emotion and find yourself in the freedom of the wind. The Boru are an ancient pack of Elder Gods that reign in Ireland, led by King Porr Boru and Queen Nessa. Join Ashling and her family in the Boru pack.
You're a Pohjola. You're mysterious and commanding. You enjoy watching all those around you studying their strengths and weaknesses. You thrive in competition and live for the thrill of winning.  Join the warrior ranks with Odin reining from Valhalla.
You're a Dvergar. Your dramatic and commanding presence draws people to you. You have a flourish for the extreme and thrive in intimidation. The Dvergar are an ancient Elder God pack ruled by Crob Dvergar and his sons Adomnan, Eamon and Bento. Welcome to the night.