Which delicious local business pairs with each delectable library book?

All the businesses are located on Washington Blvd, within one block of the Westover Branch Library.
See if you can match them all!
"Peek!: A Thai hide-and-seek" - A father and daughter play hide-and-seek among the animals near their house in Thailand.
"Lost and Found: Three Dog Stories" - Being lost, being found, finding home, and, most important, the dogs who help us find our way.
"Baby Cakes" - These little ones know baking is hard work and messy work, but it sure is fun.
"Maya and the Lost Cat" - Where does Cat live, and who can lead the way there?
"Saffron in the Souks: Vibrant Recipes from the Heart of Lebanon" - An exploration of the rich culinary offerings of Lebanon, from traditional home cooking to sizzling street food.
"Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market" - Farmer Falgu is off to the market to sell his produce, but has some unexpected bumps along the way.
"Enchanted Broccoli Forest" - Over 200 vegetarian recipes and a bounty of kitchen guidance.
"Ice Cream Summer" - A delicious tongue-in-cheek vision of summer that proves that ice cream is every bit as enriching for the mind as it is for the taste buds.
The Runaway Wok - A man sends his son to market to trade their last few eggs for a bag of rice, but instead he brings home an empty--but magic--wok that changes their fortunes forever.
"Strega Nona" - When Strega Nona leaves him alone with her magic pasta pot, Big Anthony is determined to show the townspeople how it works.
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  • Thai Noy
  • Lost Dog Café
  • Village Sweet
  • Stray Cat Café
  • Lebanese Taverna
  • Westover Market
  • The Forest Inn Bar & Grill
  • Toby's Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee
  • Grand Hunan Chinese Takeout
  • The Italian Store
You can find all of these books in the Library catalog!